A memoir with tutorials and florid illustrations created by 18 illustrators. A special smyth sewn bind allows the book to lay flat when it is opened.

Winner of the Nautilus Book Award for Lifestyle/Sustainability

Forewords by Doug Rushkoff, Dale Dougherty, Sandor Ellix Katz, Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, Brad Lancaster, Alyce Santoro, Christopher Bamford, and The Reverend Billy 

Storey Publishing, 2013

Named one of the best nonfiction books of the summer 

Publisher's Weekly

"Tremayne’s book is a must read for any maker who fantasizes about stepping off the consumer-centered treadmill and into a life that is connected to nature, 

unhurried and meaningful.” 

– Boing Boing 

“Mom Must Read” one of the best summer books 2013 


"Tremayne is part of a grand American tradition of abandoning urban commercialism to grow food and build houses far from the crush of city life. ... [her] breezy, friendly prose is ... as much a guide to consumer awareness as it is to homesteadingThe advice underlying both Tremayne’s and the Nearings’s books ultimately has less to do with composting and more to do with deciding what you are willing to sacrifice to live as you choose.”

– Los Angeles Review of Books

Winner of The Nautilus Silver Award for Green Living/Sustainability 2013

“A how-to guide for anyone ready to give back to the 

Earth more than he or she takes.” 

- New York Journal of Books

“trailblazing postconsumer memoir and guidebook”

Pir Zia Inayat Khan

“Visionary naturalist and conceptual artist Wendy Jehanara Tremayne presents a unique synthesis of memoir, travelogue, guru-level spiritual wisdom and pragmatic instruction on how to get out of the ‘waste stream’ in which urbanites wallow and re-enter the vital stream of the natural world.”

— Book Page

“I don’t normally swoon over the physical art of a book (unless it’s a graphic novel) but this book is beautiful. Wendy also has a wonderful way with words and no problems expressing the message that she wishes to pass on. If you are at all interested in a more sustainable and fulfilling life, in a handmade life, in a life of learning and adventure, of risk taking and love in the simple, then I recommend this book. And even if you are not, I challenge you to give it a try, because it may just surprise you.” 

– Barcode Alternative

“Captivating right from the start” … “Whether for inspiration or as a road map to creating your own off-the-grid homestead."

- Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools

“Stop whatever you’re doing and get this book. I’ve just finished reading it and I have to say that [Wendy] and [Mikey] could easily be the poster children for modern day hacking, and this book could be the manual for a life built on hacking. Their life is their workbench. … should be handed out in high schools as part of the curriculum.”

– Hack A Day

“The advice underlying both Tremayne’s and the Nearings’s books ultimately has less to do with composting and more to do with deciding what you are willing to sacrifice to live as you choose.” 

- LA Review of Books

“This, inspiring tale of Tremayne’s journey from being the creative director of N.Y.C. marketing firm Green Galactic to being a Burning Man volunteer, yoga teacher, Sufi seeker, and hardscrabble DIY urban homesteader in a former trailer park in the eccentric community of Truth or Consequences, N. Mex., is alternately funny, tender, philosophical, and practical. . . the memoir riffs off Scott and Helen Nearing’s 1954 Living the Good Life with much more style and humor than the original, bringing the back-to-the-land 

genre up to date with impressive sophistication and appeal.”

Publisher’s Weekly

 “Best Staycation Summer Read”

- The Guardian

“I really like the tone of the book - imaginative and creative in its questioning of the "normal" way of American life. Her tone is refreshing in that it's not proselytizing like some of those kinds of books are! It's helped me to think a little more creatively about daily life and Spring is the perfect time for that.”

Carolyn Moulton, Watermark Book Co.

“More than just being a maker of stuff, through this book, Wendy reimagines the American dream from it's foundation with profound spiritual insight into freedom, a meaningful life, interconnectedness and relationship with nature.” 


 “Fascinating essays, delicious recipes, lovely illustrations, and killer packaging that just might change your life.”

- Brooklyn’s Largehearted Lit 

"Tremayne is a gifted storyteller”  

- Rachel Ray 

“When we read this book, we felt our feet literally starting to move towards the door and outside to breathe, that’s how major and genius and inspiring it is."

- Girlie Girl Army

"amazed is an understatement “ - Life as a Thrifter

“Shares a wealth of information to inspire people who may want to embark on their own path of discovery." - DIY Network 

"A wonderful source of inspiration and learning.”

- Confessions of an Overworked Mom

"an exuberant romp through the reclamation of life’s biggest gifts: time, beauty, creativity, connection, purpose."

- Shawndra Miller

“Thrilling for anyone who has wanted to escape the soul-destroying drudgery of day jobs and city life.”

- True Stitches

“A manual for living an uncommodified life”

- City Book Review

"“a fascinating read”

- The Higherside Chats

"It’s a personal, but highly useful book on living the DIY life"

- Make 

 “For readers interested in the transition from mainstream consumerism 

to living off the grid, this will appeal.” 

Library Journal  

“In a series of chatty, thoughtful, appealing chapters, Tremayne aims to inspire others to not only consume less but to also ‘live out of the waste stream,’ using our society’s discards to clothe ourselves, run our vehicles, build, furnish, and outfit our homes, and so on. … Although most of us will keep paying the electric bill and enjoying lives that involve weekly visits to big-box stores, this book’s perspective, with its many recipes and how-tos, 

offers readers ways to begin to adopt regular, pragmatic practices that 

save money and are kind to the environment.” 

– New Mexico Magazine

“The book's spare, easy-to-read prose has deep thought underneath, combined with just the right level of mysticism to make me think without turning me off.”

- The Walden Effect

“Wendy Tremayne threw away a 10-year career as a creative director at a New York advertising firm to weld metal art in the desert of New Mexico. 

She hasn’t thrown out much since.” 

– Vancouver Sun

The Good Life Lab cover features illustrations by Melinda Beck, Meg Hunt, Bert van Wijk, and Kristian Olson.